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Meet Larry McNabb, Nanaimo REALTOR®

Nanaimo is a great place to live, play and work and as a lifelong resident of Nanaimo, I appreciate everything the Mid-Island region has to offer. As the father of 8 active children, I'm very grateful for all the outdoor activities just waiting outside our doors. It's all here ; parks, hiking trails, arenas, skiing, everything needed for a growing family.

I have a reputation for being a man of my word. Success is measured not just by the most sales, but by relationships built. I have, and continue to build strong, long-lasting relationships with people in and out of the real estate business. That is my personal goal.

With a background in construction, customer service and real estate investing, I will help you clear a path through the real estate jungle

I am committed to offering you, my client, the best in customer service. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you with your next sale or purchase of Nanaimo Real Estate.

Read further for my editorial from my newsletter:

What a year itturned out to be; economic crisis, war, elections, the list goes on and on. But, regardless of what the major media seems to trumpet, not everything is terrible. We still live in the best place, in the best country on earth. The local real estate market has seeen its fluctuations, just as it has across the country. But real estate remains a solid investment, and Nanaimo's Real Estate marketplace remains solid and attractive. With record low mortgage rates, a healthy inventory of homes, and motivated sellers, there's never been a better time to look at your real estate options. Larry McNabb

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Read From Real Estate Guru Ozzie Jurock:

Major Point: So yes, it starts right here, right now. In your own mind. Here are some facts:

  1. Stock markets have crashed and recovered a dozen times ... they always recovered ... yet when in the collapse, there seemed no end in sight. This one will recover too. Good.

  2. There will be great demand for real estate. Already in the US we have a huge increase in distressed sales. Once they are gone, market will continue to rise. Opportunity will make some rich. Good.

  3. Oil and gas prices are down, putting about $7 billion in Canadian pockets next year. Good.

  4. There will be a dozen deals of a lifetime. I.e. a 3-year-old $60,000 (lease return) American SUV will go for under $20,000. Good.

  5. Food costs will be cheaper. Good.

  6. The bad companies, the bad products, the overbuilt real estate condo areas will all continue to be cleared out or crash and burn. Good, they should.

  7. As investors we will not so readily trust someone else to manage our money. We will do some learning and not get scammed as easily. Good.

  8. Lousy securities and fad products will not be tolerated or trusted and will die. AAA ratings will be checked. Good.

  9. More stock investors will come to real estate. Good.

  10. 30-year money in the US and 5-year money in Canada will be around 4.5% next spring. Good.

You make your own list. Try this: Whenever someone talks about how bad the economy is, ask him or her how she is doing. 80% of the time, people tell me, that they themselves are actually doing quite well ... but they hear someone is not or may not be in future.

Be a contrarian: Love your life, love your family, love your community, love your country ... and in the process become more of a human being than a human doing. Yes, 2009 will be fine.